Golgari Loam

Average Build: The average build takes the average number of cards over recent builds of this archetype.

Average Deck Value: $3,025.43

Core Creatures

Other Splashed Creatures

Elvish Spirit Guide (0.8x) $9.49
Tarmogoyf (0.8x) $0.60
Shifting Ceratops (0.8x) $1.53
Dark Confidant (0.6x) $27.51
Chancellor of the Tangle (0.4x) $1.52
Questing Beast (0.4x) $14.98
Voracious Hydra (0.4x) $
Nether Spirit (0.2x) $0.34

Other Core Spells

Abrupt Decay
Build Avg: 3.2x
Mox Diamond
Build Avg: 3.2x
Life from the Loam
Build Avg: 2.4x
Liliana of the Veil
Build Avg: 2.4x
Chalice of the Void
Build Avg: 2.4x
Build Avg: 1.6x
Crop Rotation
Build Avg: 1.4x
Chrome Mox
Build Avg: 1x

Other Splashed Spells

Karn, the Great Creator (0.8x) $9.00
Garruk Relentless (0.4x) $3.75
Once Upon a Time (0.4x) $2.16
Living Wish (0.4x) $0.37
Inquisition of Kozilek (0.4x) $0.57
Entomb (0.2x) $0.53
Exploration (0.2x) $16.99

Core Lands

Verdant Catacombs
Build Avg: 3.4x
Build Avg: 1.8x
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
Build Avg: 1.8x
Polluted Delta
Build Avg: 1.6x
Build Avg: 1.6x
Build Avg: 1.4x
Barren Moor
Build Avg: 1x

Other Splashed Lands

Mutavault (0.8x) $8.99
City of Traitors (0.8x) $184.47
Snow-Covered Forest (0.8x) $0.26
Ancient Tomb (0.8x) $0.58
Cabal Pit (0.6x) $0.24
Tranquil Thicket (0.4x) $0.16
Bojuka Bog (0.4x) $0.53
Treetop Village (0.2x) $0.16
Wooded Foothills (0.2x) $27.00
Windswept Heath (0.2x) $17.89
Nurturing Peatland (0.2x) $8.44
Hissing Quagmire (0.2x) $1.60
Gemstone Caverns (0.2x) $45.00
Misty Rainforest (0.2x) $74.24


Leyline of the Void
Build Avg: 2.4x
Build Avg: 1.8x
Surgical Extraction
Build Avg: 1.4x

Other Splashed Sideboard Cards

Sorcerous Spyglass (0.8x) $0.53
Liliana, the Last Hope (0.6x) $0.53
Sylvan Library (0.4x) $39.59
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale (0.4x) $2.00
Chains of Mephistopheles (0.4x) $864.48
Krosan Grip (0.4x) $0.29
Dread of Night (0.4x) $0.27
Liliana's Triumph (0.4x) $0.05
Courser of Kruphix (0.2x) $4.29
Nether Void (0.2x) $730.59
The Elderspell (0.2x) $1.54
Liquimetal Coating (0.2x) $0.11
Tormod's Crypt (0.2x) $0.52
Vivien Reid (0.2x) $5.50
Wurmcoil Engine (0.2x) $0.58
Ramunap Excavator (0.2x) $5.30
Obstinate Baloth (0.2x) $1.50
Chameleon Colossus (0.2x) $2.80
Ensnaring Bridge (0.2x) $0.58
Tireless Tracker (0.2x) $6.99
Thoughtseize (0.2x) $14.75
Raven's Crime (0.2x) $0.12
Toxic Deluge (0.2x) $13.25
Night of Souls' Betrayal (0.2x) $0.59
Hero's Downfall (0.2x) $3.00
Damnation (0.2x) $0.46
Golgari Charm (0.2x) $0.17
Dark Depths (0.2x) $0.52
Dismember (0.2x) $0.52
Wasteland (0.2x) $29.09
Damping Sphere (0.2x) $0.57
Vampire Hexmage (0.2x) $0.43
Thespian's Stage (0.2x) $0.54
Hymn to Tourach (0.2x) $0.52
Sinkhole (0.2x) $4.04
Kaheera, the Orphanguard (0.2x) $

Latest Versions of Golgari Loam

Event Place Date
MTGO League 5-0 2020-06-06
MTGO League 5-0 2019-11-16
MTGO Challenge 20th 2018-11-12
MTGO Challenge 17th 2018-10-08
MTGO Competitive League 5-0 2018-08-18

Videos of Golgari Loam

There are no videos of this archetype currently available.