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Smash the Meta

Archetypes, tournament results, and format staples updated constantly.

Crush Commanders

Learn the best commanders and the cards most played with each of them.

Buy & Sell Like a Pro

Get price spike notifications, research historical prices, and choose your price index.

And it's all FREE. No stupid spam. Just awesome analytics.

Crush Commanders

  • There are hundreds of legendary creatures in MTG. Learn what everyone is playing, what they're playing with, and where the synergies are.
  • Start having fun building a real deck.

Smash the Meta

  • We've got all the recent top decks in each format... and Standard is actually up to date.
  • Check out the list of all staples in each format, sorted by how prevalent they are in the format.
  • Get instant pricing for all the money cards in Standard, Modern Masters, and the Commander Pre-cons, all alongside their meta stats.

Exhaustive Functionality Guides

Search every card in all major formats sorted by functionality:
  • mana base & utility lands,
  • tutors & ramp,
  • board wipes,
  • spot removal,
  • copy effects,
  • extra turns and phases,
  • great devotion synergies,
  • theft spells,
  • counterspells,
  • mana rocks,
  • and it's all growing...

Crazy Advanced Deckbuilder

  • Like someone else's deck? Or want to try a variant of one of your own? Just fork it.
  • All the standard features like CMC breakdown, color pie, pricing, and more.
  • Spellcheck out the wazoo -- stop guessing whether it's "Jace, the Mind Sculptor" or "Jace the Mind-Sculptor." Call it overkill, but we're using the same kind of artificial intelligence you get from your favorite search engine with all that "did you mean [x]?" stuff, unless you use bing... seriously, stop using bing. It's 2023. No one uses bing.

Load Up & Track Your Want-list

Searching for the eBay deals you want doesn't have to suck. Get real auction links with all the junk filtered out.
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