Energy Flux

All artifacts have "At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice this artifact unless you pay {2}."
Format Playability
Standard Unplayed
Modern Unplayed
Legacy Staple 5 Decks
Commander Staple 44 Decks
Vintage Staple 706 Decks
Pauper Unplayed
Vintage Cube Not in Cube
Legacy Cube Not in Cube
Modern Cube Not in Cube
Sets USD
ME4 U Masters Edition IV --
MMQ U Mercadian Masques $ 0.44
5ED U 5th Edition $ 0.49
4ED U 4th Edition $ 0.43
3ED U Revised $ 0.42
ATQ U Antiquities $ 6.97
ITP S Introductory Two-Player Set $ 0.60

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