Living Death

Each player exiles all creature cards from their graveyard, then sacrifices all creatures they control, then puts all cards they exiled this way onto the battlefield.

Board Wipe

Board Wipes

Creatures - Mass Sacrifice

Graveyard Hate


Mass Reanimate

Mass Removal


Reanimate - Creature


Format Playability
Standard Not Legal
Modern Not Legal
Legacy Unplayed
Commander Staple 1413 Decks
Vintage Unplayed
Pauper Not Legal
Vintage Cube Pick
Legacy Cube Pick
Modern Cube Not in Cube
Sets USD
CM2 R Anthology 2018 $ 0.35
A25 R Masters 25 $ 2.30
TPR M Tempest Remastered --
VMA R Vintage Masters --
CMD R Commander 2011 $ 3.52
PVC R Phyrexia vs. the Coalition $ 3.58
BR R Battle Royale Box Set $ 5.33
TMP R Tempest $ 4.50
V14 M From the Vault: Annihilation $ 6.55
JR P Judge $ 29.99

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