Myojin of Cleansing Fire

P/T: 4 / 6
Legendary Creature - Spirit
Myojin of Cleansing Fire enters the battlefield with a divinity counter on it if you cast it from your hand.
Myojin of Cleansing Fire has indestructible as long as it has a divinity counter on it.
Remove a divinity counter from Myojin of Cleansing Fire: Destroy all other creatures.

3 Devotion

Board Wipe

Board Wipes

Creatures - Mass Destroy



White Devotion

Format Playability
Standard Unplayed
Modern Unplayed
Legacy Unplayed
Commander Staple 63 Decks
Vintage Unplayed
Pauper Unplayed
Vintage Cube Not in Cube
Legacy Cube Not in Cube
Modern Cube Not in Cube
Sets USD
CHK R Champions of Kamigawa $ 3.07

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