Solemn Simulacrum

P/T: 2/2
Artifact Creature - Golem
When Solemn Simulacrum enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a basic land card, put that card onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.
When Solemn Simulacrum dies, you may draw a card.

Fetch Land



Format Playability
Standard Not Legal
Modern Staple 28 Decks
Legacy Unplayed
Commander Staple 2825 Decks
Vintage Unplayed
Pauper Not Legal
Vintage Cube Pick
Legacy Cube Pick
Modern Cube Pick
Sets USD
CM2 R Anthology 2018 $ 0.33
C16 R Commander 2016 $ 5.91
MPS S Amonkhet Invocations $ 89.98
C15 R Commander 2015 $ 5.90
C14 R Commander 2014 $ 5.79
CMD R Commander 2011 $ 6.00
M12 R Magic 2012 $ 5.00
MRD R Mirrodin $ 6.73
MPS S Amonkhet Invocations $ 69.99

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