Torrential Gearhulk

P/T: 5 / 6
Artifact Creature - Construct
When Torrential Gearhulk enters the battlefield, you may cast target instant card from your graveyard without paying its mana cost. If that card would be put into your graveyard this turn, exile it instead.


Format Playability
Standard Unplayed
Modern Staple 18 Decks
Legacy Unplayed
Commander Staple 410 Decks
Vintage Unplayed
Pauper Unplayed
Vintage Cube Pick
Legacy Cube Not in Cube
Modern Cube Pick
Sets USD
MPS S Amonkhet Invocations $ 46.11
KLD M Kaladesh $ 4.21
MPS S Amonkhet Invocations $ 49.81

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