Temur Temur Delver

Average Build: The average build takes the average number of cards over recent builds of this archetype.

Average Deck Value: $715.75

Core Creatures

Build Avg: 4x
Delver of Secrets
Build Avg: 3.89x
Hooting Mandrills
Build Avg: 3.22x
Snapcaster Mage
Build Avg: 1.56x
Young Pyromancer
Build Avg: 1.33x

Other Splashed Creatures

Stormwing Entity (0.33x) $2.26
Huntmaster of the Fells (0.22x) $6.70
Vendilion Clique (0.11x) $10.72

Other Core Spells

Lightning Bolt
Build Avg: 4x
Serum Visions
Build Avg: 3.89x
Vapor Snag
Build Avg: 2.56x
Thought Scour
Build Avg: 2.33x
Mana Leak
Build Avg: 2.33x
Faithless Looting
Build Avg: 2x
Spell Pierce
Build Avg: 1.78x
Forked Bolt
Build Avg: 1.22x
Once Upon a Time
Build Avg: 0.89x

Other Splashed Spells

Tarfire (0.78x) $0.10
Remand (0.44x) $0.52
Manamorphose (0.44x) $2.99
Cryptic Command (0.33x) $0.54
Spell Snare (0.33x) $0.77
Jace, the Mind Sculptor (0.22x) $0.52
Traverse the Ulvenwald (0.22x) $3.67
Blossoming Defense (0.22x) $0.22
Sleight of Hand (0.22x) $1.00
Saheeli Rai (0.11x) $4.99
Electrolyze (0.11x) $0.15
Roast (0.11x) $0.08

Core Lands

Misty Rainforest
Build Avg: 4x
Scalding Tarn
Build Avg: 4x
Wooded Foothills
Build Avg: 2x
Build Avg: 2x
Steam Vents
Build Avg: 1.67x
Breeding Pool
Build Avg: 1.22x
Stomping Ground
Build Avg: 1x
Build Avg: 1x

Other Splashed Lands

Mountain (0.33x) $0.05
Spirebluff Canal (0.33x) $8.05
Polluted Delta (0.22x) $27.72
Sulfur Falls (0.11x) $4.08
Botanical Sanctum (0.11x) $7.53


Feed the Clan
Build Avg: 2.22x
Ancient Grudge
Build Avg: 2.11x
Damping Sphere
Build Avg: 2.11x
Stubborn Denial
Build Avg: 1.22x
Build Avg: 1.11x
Grafdigger's Cage
Build Avg: 1x

Other Splashed Sideboard Cards

Veil of Summer (0.78x) $6.50
Dispel (0.44x) $0.51
Ceremonious Rejection (0.44x) $0.44
Destructive Revelry (0.44x) $0.17
Pillar of Flame (0.44x) $0.06
Disdainful Stroke (0.33x) $0.46
Alpine Moon (0.33x) $1.51
Blood Moon (0.33x) $0.57
Engineered Explosives (0.33x) $0.59
Anger of the Gods (0.22x) $1.75
Aether Gust (0.22x) $0.05
Ancestral Vision (0.22x) $0.50
Thragtusk (0.11x) $0.52
Hazoret the Fervent (0.11x) $0.36
Spellskite (0.11x) $2.98
Negate (0.11x) $0.51
Deprive (0.11x) $1.99
Flame Slash (0.11x) $0.32

Latest Versions of Temur Temur Delver

Event Place Date
MTGO League 5-0 2020-07-17
MTGO League 5-0 2020-01-31
MTGO League 5-0 2020-01-28
MTGO Competitive League 5-0 2018-07-20
MTGO Competitive League 5-0 2018-07-17
MTGO Competitive League 5-0 2018-07-10
MTGO Competitive League 5-0 2018-07-03
MTGO Competitive League 5-0 2018-06-29
MTGO Competitive League 5-0 2018-04-17

Videos of Temur Temur Delver

There are no videos of this archetype currently available.