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Dragon's Maze Limited Analytics

Draft Priority: lower is better. This is how quickly a card is picked in comparison to the cards in the rest of the set. A card with a low draft priority means its drafted earlier. For example, the card that has been first pick, windmill-slammed the most will have a Draft Priority of 1. The worst, least drafted card in the set will have a draft priority of 156.

LSV: prerelease rating on a 0-5 scale by Luis-Scott Vargas, one of the best magic players of all time.


Combat Tricks

Watch out for these combat tricks.

Board Wipes

Board wipes often give you 3-for-1s and other amazing card advantage.

Videos of Dragon's Maze Draft & Sealed

DGR Draft #1

March 17th, 2014
Player: Windmill Slam via windmillslammtg

Channel LSV - DGR Draft #2

May 23rd, 2013
Player: Luis Scott-Vargas via ChannelFireball