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Set ValueBuy Full Set 239.80
S Ashnod 4.96
S Barrin 3.60
S Crovax 4.64
S Eladamri 6.99
S Ertai 1.33
S Gerrard 1.21
S Gix 27.15
S Greven il-Vec 4.32
S Hanna 3.49
S Karn 2.95
S Lyna 6.04
S Maraxus 1.36
S Mirri 1.54
S Mishra 5.00
S Multani 4.89
S Oracle 4.52
S Orim 4.94
S Rofellos 6.97
S Selenia 5.99
S Serra 4.54
S Sidar Kondo 6.95
S Sisay 1.90
S Sliver Queen, Brood Mother 24.39
S Squee 1.99
S Starke 4.04
S Tahngarth 1.08
S Takara 2.25
S Tawnos 8.17
S Titania 52.19
S Urza 6.88
S Volrath 4.95
S Xantcha 18.58
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Prices are in USD$ based on TCG mid for the paper card.

Draft is how quickly a card is picked in comparison to the cards in the rest of the set. Lower is better. A card with a low draft priority means its drafted earlier. For example, the card that has been first pick, windmill-slammed the most will have a draft priority of 1. The worst, least drafted card in the set will have a draft priority of 0.

LSV is the prerelease rating on a 0-5 scale by Luis-Scott Vargas, one of the best magic players of all time.

Cube is how many are found in the most popular cubetutor cubes with the cards' first pick rate as a percentage. Cards in under 1000 cubes are ignored.

MTGO Cubes is which cubes on MTGO include that card (Vintage, Legacy, Modern). Twisted and Legendary cubes are not checked.

Visual Spoiler

$0.29 ()
Akroma, Angel of Wrath Avatar
$0.26 (S)
Arcanis, the Omnipotent Avatar
$0.29 (S)
Arcbound Overseer Avatar
$0.31 (S)
Ashling, the Extinguisher Avatar
$0.33 (S)
Ashling the Pilgrim Avatar
$0.30 (S)
$4.96 (S)
$3.60 (S)
Birds of Paradise Avatar
$0.26 (S)
Bosh, Iron Golem Avatar
$0.28 (S)
Braids, Conjurer Adept Avatar
$0.27 (S)
Chronatog Avatar
$0.26 (S)
$4.64 (S)
Dakkon Blackblade Avatar
$0.35 (S)
Dauntless Escort Avatar
$0.31 (S)
Diamond Faerie Avatar
$0.29 (S)
Eight-and-a-Half-Tails Avatar
$0.30 (S)
$6.99 (S)
Eladamri, Lord of Leaves Avatar
$0.30 (S)
Elvish Champion Avatar
$0.27 (S)
Enigma Sphinx Avatar
$0.35 (S)
Erhnam Djinn Avatar
$0.35 (S)
$1.33 (S)
Etched Oracle Avatar
$0.33 (S)
Fallen Angel Avatar
$0.31 (S)
Figure of Destiny Avatar
$0.27 (S)
Flametongue Kavu Avatar
$0.33 (S)
Frenetic Efreet Avatar
$0.28 (S)
$1.21 (S)
$27.15 (S)
Goblin Warchief Avatar
$0.29 (S)
Greven il-Vec
$4.32 (S)
Grinning Demon Avatar
$0.34 (S)
Haakon, Stromgald Scourge Avatar
$0.26 (S)
$3.49 (S)
Heartwood Storyteller Avatar
$0.35 (S)
Hell's Caretaker Avatar
$0.32 (S)
Hermit Druid Avatar
$0.31 (S)
Higure, the Still Wind Avatar
$0.27 (S)
Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni Avatar
$0.32 (S)
Jaya Ballard Avatar
$0.31 (S)
Jhoira of the Ghitu Avatar
$0.32 (S)
$2.95 (S)
Karona, False God Avatar
$0.27 (S)
Kresh the Bloodbraided Avatar
$0.29 (S)
Loxodon Hierarch Avatar
$0.33 (S)
$6.04 (S)
Lyzolda, the Blood Witch Avatar
$0.34 (S)
Maelstrom Archangel Avatar
$0.31 (S)
Malfegor Avatar
$0.29 (S)
Maralen of the Mornsong Avatar
$0.28 (S)
$1.36 (S)
Maro Avatar
$0.27 (S)
Master of the Wild Hunt Avatar
$0.27 (S)
Mayael the Anima Avatar
$0.26 (S)
$1.54 (S)
Mirri the Cursed Avatar
$0.31 (S)
Mirror Entity Avatar
$0.28 (S)
$5.00 (S)
Momir Vig, Simic Visionary Avatar
$0.32 (S)
Morinfen Avatar
$0.29 (S)
$4.89 (S)
Murderous Redcap Avatar
$0.26 (S)
Necropotence Avatar
$0.28 (S)
Nekrataal Avatar
$0.30 (S)
Oni of Wild Places Avatar
$0.28 (S)
$4.52 (S)
Orcish Squatters Avatar
$0.34 (S)
$4.94 (S)
Peacekeeper Avatar
$0.26 (S)
Phage the Untouchable Avatar
$0.27 (S)
Platinum Angel Avatar
$0.32 (S)
Prodigal Sorcerer Avatar
$0.34 (S)
Raksha Golden Cub Avatar
$0.28 (S)
Reaper King Avatar
$0.32 (S)
Rith, the Awakener Avatar
$0.27 (S)
$6.97 (S)
Royal Assassin Avatar
$0.27 (S)
Rumbling Slum Avatar
$0.35 (S)
Sakashima the Impostor Avatar
$0.28 (S)
$5.99 (S)
$4.54 (S)
Serra Angel Avatar
$0.34 (S)
Seshiro the Anointed Avatar
$0.34 (S)
Sidar Kondo
$6.95 (S)
$1.90 (S)
Sisters of Stone Death Avatar
$0.30 (S)
Sliver Queen Avatar
$0.34 (S)
Sliver Queen, Brood Mother
$24.39 (S)
$1.99 (S)
Squee, Goblin Nabob Avatar
$0.29 (S)
Stalking Tiger Avatar
$0.34 (S)
$4.04 (S)
Stonehewer Giant Avatar
$0.26 (S)
Stuffy Doll Avatar
$0.29 (S)
$1.08 (S)
$2.25 (S)
$8.17 (S)
Teysa, Orzhov Scion Avatar
$0.29 (S)
$52.19 (S)
Tradewind Rider Avatar
$0.35 (S)
Two-Headed Giant of Foriys Avatar
$0.35 (S)
$6.88 (S)
Vampire Nocturnus Avatar
$0.35 (S)
Viridian Zealot Avatar
$0.35 (S)
$4.95 (S)
$18.58 (S)