Rakdos Burn

Average Build: The average build takes the average number of cards over recent builds of this archetype.

Average Deck Value: $38.68

Core Creatures

Build Avg: 3.56x
Ghitu Lavarunner
Build Avg: 3.33x

Other Splashed Creatures

Firebrand Archer (0.22x) $0.15
Gurmag Angler (0.22x) $0.56

Other Core Spells

Rift Bolt
Build Avg: 4x
Chain Lightning
Build Avg: 4x
Lightning Bolt
Build Avg: 4x
Lava Spike
Build Avg: 4x
Searing Blaze
Build Avg: 3.56x
Build Avg: 3.56x
Curse of the Pierced Heart
Build Avg: 3.44x
Needle Drop
Build Avg: 3.11x

Other Splashed Spells

Shard Volley (0.78x) $0.15
Flame Rift (0.67x) $0.12
Bump in the Night (0.44x) $0.10
Tyrant's Choice (0.44x) $0.10
Skewer the Critics (0.44x) $0.05
Sovereign's Bite (0.44x) $0.05
Seal of Fire (0.33x) $0.12
Faithless Looting (0.33x) $0.51
Alms of the Vein (0.22x) $0.11
Rhystic Lightning (0.22x) $0.05

Core Lands

Build Avg: 14.89x
Forgotten Cave
Build Avg: 2.33x

Other Splashed Lands

Swamp (0.56x) $0.05
Rakdos Carnarium (0.44x) $0.11
Bloodfell Caves (0.44x) $0.14


Keldon Marauders
Build Avg: 3.56x
Smash to Smithereens
Build Avg: 2.44x
Martyr of Ashes
Build Avg: 2x
Blazing Volley
Build Avg: 2x
Faerie Macabre
Build Avg: 1.22x
Build Avg: 0.89x
Flaring Pain
Build Avg: 0.89x

Other Splashed Sideboard Cards

Chainer's Edict (0.44x) $0.35
Kiln Fiend (0.44x) $0.11
Soul Reap (0.44x) $0.05
Geth's Verdict (0.33x) $0.14
Molten Rain (0.22x) $0.42

Latest Versions of Rakdos Burn

Event Place Date
MTGO League 5-0 2020-04-01
MTGO League 5-0 2018-08-15
MTGO League 5-0 2018-06-27
MTGO Challenge 23st 2018-06-18
MTGO League 5-0 2018-06-13
MTGO League 5-0 2018-06-06
MTGO Challenge 14th 2018-06-04
MTGO League 5-0 2018-05-30
MTGO Challenge 2nd 2018-05-28

Videos of Rakdos Burn

There are no videos of this archetype currently available.