White Wheenie

Average Build: The average build takes the average number of cards over recent builds of this archetype.

Average Deck Value: $27.09

Core Creatures

Lagonna-Band Trailblazer
Build Avg: 3x
Akroan Skyguard
Build Avg: 3x
Sacred Cat
Build Avg: 2.75x
Deftblade Elite
Build Avg: 2.25x
Seeker of the Way
Build Avg: 1.5x
Kor Skyfisher
Build Avg: 1x
Glint Hawk
Build Avg: 1x
Thraben Inspector
Build Avg: 1x

Other Splashed Creatures

Palace Sentinels (0.75x) $0.92
Benevolent Bodyguard (0.5x) $0.11

Other Core Spells

Ethereal Armor
Build Avg: 3x
Hyena Umbra
Build Avg: 3x
Emerge Unscathed
Build Avg: 3x
Mutagenic Growth
Build Avg: 3x
Cartouche of Solidarity
Build Avg: 3x
Cho-Manno's Blessing
Build Avg: 3x
Lightning Bolt
Build Avg: 1x
Galvanic Blast
Build Avg: 1x
Prophetic Prism
Build Avg: 1x

Other Splashed Spells

Alchemist's Vial (0.75x) $0.21
Prismatic Strands (0.5x) $1.75
Defiant Strike (0.5x) $0.09
Firebolt (0.25x) $0.15

Core Lands

Build Avg: 11.75x
Secluded Steppe
Build Avg: 1.5x
Boros Garrison
Build Avg: 1x
Wind-Scarred Crag
Build Avg: 1x

Other Splashed Lands

Great Furnace (0.75x) $0.35
Radiant Fountain (0.75x) $0.27
Ancient Den (0.75x) $2.84
Bojuka Bog (0.25x) $2.50
Mountain (0.25x) $0.05
Forgotten Cave (0.25x) $0.11


Beckon Apparition
Build Avg: 2.25x
Standard Bearer
Build Avg: 2x
Celestial Flare
Build Avg: 1.5x
Journey to Nowhere
Build Avg: 1.5x
Shield of Duty and Reason
Build Avg: 1.5x
Build Avg: 1x

Other Splashed Sideboard Cards

Double Cleave (0.75x) $0.09
Sundering Growth (0.75x) $0.06
Obsidian Acolyte (0.75x) $0.16
Lifelink (0.75x) $0.09
Relic of Progenitus (0.5x) $0.55
Lone Missionary (0.5x) $0.21
Kor Sanctifiers (0.5x) $0.10
Ancient Grudge (0.5x) $0.56
Electrickery (0.25x) $0.53

Latest Versions of White Wheenie

Event Place Date
MTGO Challenge 28th 2018-08-13
MTGO League 5-0 2018-08-08
MTGO Challenge 1st 2018-08-06
MTGO Challenge 1st 2018-07-16

Videos of White Wheenie

There are no videos of this archetype currently available.