4 Color Loam

Average Build: The average build takes the average number of cards over recent builds of this archetype.

Average Deck Value: $2,294.09

Core Creatures

Ramunap Excavator
Build Avg: 1.4x
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
Build Avg: 1.4x

Other Splashed Creatures

Dark Confidant (0.8x) $48.94
Vampire Hexmage (0.8x) $0.43
Courser of Kruphix (0.4x) $5.00
Knight of the Reliquary (0.2x) $1.99
Dryad of the Ilysian Grove (0.2x) $8.97

Other Core Spells

Crop Rotation
Build Avg: 3.8x
Build Avg: 3.2x
Life from the Loam
Build Avg: 3x
Mox Diamond
Build Avg: 2.2x
Black Lotus
Build Avg: 1x

Other Splashed Spells

Thoughtseize (0.8x) $26.52
Once Upon a Time (0.8x) $2.60
Mox Emerald (0.8x) $2.00
Crucible of Worlds (0.8x) $0.59
Duress (0.4x) $0.51
Exploration (0.4x) $31.33
Demonic Tutor (0.4x) $0.17
Gamble (0.4x) $9.20
Mox Jet (0.4x) $2.00
Vampiric Tutor (0.2x) $84.99
Enlightened Tutor (0.2x) $35.25
Ancestral Recall (0.2x) $2.00
Time Walk (0.2x) $2.00

Core Lands

Build Avg: 3.6x
Thespian's Stage
Build Avg: 3.2x
Dark Depths
Build Avg: 3x
Bazaar of Baghdad
Build Avg: 2x
Verdant Catacombs
Build Avg: 1.4x
Build Avg: 1.4x
Riftstone Portal
Build Avg: 1.2x
Glacial Chasm
Build Avg: 1x
Build Avg: 1x
Strip Mine
Build Avg: 1x
Ghost Quarter
Build Avg: 1x

Other Splashed Lands

Horizon Canopy (0.8x) $28.58
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (0.8x) $0.51
Bayou (0.8x) $361.31
Mishra's Workshop (0.8x) $2.00
Windswept Heath (0.6x) $17.89
Karakas (0.6x) $0.57
Wooded Foothills (0.6x) $27.00
Taiga (0.4x) $197.17
Misty Rainforest (0.4x) $85.13
Sejiri Steppe (0.4x) $0.18
Ancient Tomb (0.2x) $0.54
Snow-Covered Forest (0.2x) $0.86
Blast Zone (0.2x) $3.00
Maze of Ith (0.2x) $15.00
Tropical Island (0.2x) $401.98


Force of Vigor
Build Avg: 2.4x
Null Rod
Build Avg: 1.8x
Mindbreak Trap
Build Avg: 1.2x

Other Splashed Sideboard Cards

Veil of Summer (0.8x) $6.50
Grafdigger's Cage (0.8x) $0.57
Leyline of the Void (0.8x) $16.25
Sphere of Resistance (0.6x) $15.73
Pithing Needle (0.6x) $2.95
Sanctum Prelate (0.6x) $11.10
Chalice of the Void (0.4x) $0.56
Ravenous Trap (0.4x) $0.86
Cavern of Souls (0.4x) $0.58
Thorn of Amethyst (0.4x) $17.84
Trinisphere (0.4x) $34.97
Collector Ouphe (0.4x) $4.23
Containment Priest (0.4x) $0.60
Deglamer (0.4x) $0.11
Ancient Grudge (0.4x) $0.54
Bojuka Bog (0.4x) $0.55
Tireless Tracker (0.4x) $8.61
Elvish Reclaimer (0.2x) $1.63
Assassin's Trophy (0.2x) $10.83
Rite of Consumption (0.2x) $0.78
Mental Misstep (0.2x) $4.95
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale (0.2x) $1.00

Latest Versions of 4 Color Loam

Event Place Date
MTGO Preliminary 3-2 2020-03-02
MTGO League 5-0 2020-03-01
MTGO Challenge 11th 2019-10-06
MTGO Challenge 32nd 2019-09-01
MTGO League 5-0 2019-08-11

Videos of 4 Color Loam

There are no videos of this archetype currently available.